Save the Date

Save the Date

Never know when the public holidays are? Now you can quickly and easily download the 2024 South African public holidays to your smartphone, tablet or outlook calendar.


2024 Wall Calendar

Download and print our complimentary 2024 wall calendar to display in your office, school or home – and ensure that you’re always up-to-date!


What is Collating?

Collating is the process that brings a number of printed webs together to make multi-part forms and unit sets. Collators fasten, punch, number, perforate, apply self-seal and do special folding.

Wide-format Printing

Wide Format Printing

Wide-format is generally accepted to be any computer-controlled printing machine that support a print width of 18” to 100”.



Computer-to-plate technology is a streamlined process of printing plate production that takes a computer-generated file and outputs it directly to a press-ready plate.