Biodegradable & Compostable Packaging

Lithotech now offers a complete range of biodegradable and compostable food packaging that’s made from sustainable, renewable resources. These products are produced from bagasse, plant-based bioplastic and sustainably produced paper and wood.

Our range includes:

Hot Cups & Accessories

Our double wall takeaway hot cups are made from paper from sustainably managed forests and are lined with low-carbon, compostable plant-based PLA to make them watertight.

Hot cups can be paired with low-carbon compostable lids, 100% recycled cup holders and wooden stirrers.

Cups are available in Kraft or white in a range of sizes and can be custom branded.

Sugarcane and CPLA (a corn starch-based bioplastic) lids are available in black or white in a range of sizes.

Cold Cups & Straws

Our biodegradable eco-friendly clear cups and their lids look similar to petroleum-based plastic, but are made from renewable corn starch which has a much lower carbon footprint and is compostable.

Cold cups are available in a range of sizes, with the option of flat, raised and domed lids.

Our paper straws are made from FSC-certified paper and are compostable and marine degradable. Straws are available in a range of diameters and can be custom branded.

Takeaway Containers

Our takeaway containers last as long as they’re needed, not longer.

Made from recycled sugarcane fibre (bagasse), these natural disposable clamshells and boxes are sturdy, strong and stylish. They’re suitable for hot and cold foods and are microwave safe.

Our takeaway containers are available in a range of sizes and styles and are certified compostable according to EN 13432.


Our disposable takeaway bowls are made from recycled, tree-free and rapidly renewable sugarcane fibre and corn-starch bioplastic. A more sustainable option than non-compostable single-use containers made from fossil fuel-based plastics, they’re designed beautifully to be part of the circular economy. Bowls are available in a range of sizes, with lids to match.


Our natural, strong and sturdy takeaway plates are made from tree-free and easily renewable sugarcane fibre (bagasse). Available in two sizes, these fully compostable disposable plates are water and oil resistant and microwaveable.

Cocktail Range

Our cocktail range includes natural and stylish wood and bamboo skewers, boats, cups and cones. These products are a perfect choice for serving canapes, kebabs and snacks at parties and events and are also great for adding the finishing touch to a sit down or takeaway meal. The natural and non-toxic range is heat and microwave friendly.

Kraft Range

Our wide range of eco-friendly Kraft takeaway containers includes burger boxes, salad boxes, food trays, cake scoops, pizza boxes and much more!

Our Kraft products are all fully compostable, free of hidden plastic linings and are made from paper from sustainably managed forests. And they can be custom printed.

Greaseproof & Baking Paper

Our natural and compostable greaseproof and baking paper is available in rolls and sheets.

Made from unbleached FSC-certified and recycled paper, its greaseproof properties come from the pulping process, not from chemical additives.

Our greaseproof and baking paper can be custom branded.

Brown Paper Bags

Our recyclable, compostable, renewable and completely plastic free natural brown Kraft paper bags are available in a range of sizes, from small sandwich bags to stylish gift bags. They’re easy to customise with a stamp or can be custom branded.

Clear Bioplastic Bags

Our eco-friendly clear compostable bags are made from low-carbon and annually renewable plant starch.

Available in 5 sizes, the gusseted bags are ideal for dry goods like nuts, dried fruit and pulses. They can also be used to package fresh produce with a short shelf life.

These bags are made from natural annually renewable plant-based resources, can be composted in a large scale or industrial commercial compost facility and biodegrade into carbon dioxide, water and biomass via the action of microbial digestion.

They’re heat sealable on both sides, have a good oxygen barrier (making them ideal for food packaging), are resistant to oil, grease and alcohol and have excellent twist retention.


Our cutlery range includes plant-based single-use cutlery, stirrers, chopsticks, ice cream scoops, toothpicks and completely compostable cutlery packs. The products are made from certified compostable bioplastic or FSC-certified wood. Suitable for hot and cold food and drinks, they’re sturdy, strong and compostable after use.


Our single or double-ply eco-friendly serviettes are locally made from tree-free sugarcane fibre and FSC-certified wood fibre. They’re bleached using an elemental chlorine free process, making them the greenest serviettes around. Our double-ply serviettes can be custom branded.