About Us

Lithotech is South Africa’s leading specialist in printing, supply management, marketing material, office supplies and labels. With an experienced salesforce that offers customised solutions, comprehensive manufacturing facilities and a national warehouse infrastructure, Lithotech truly offers print and so much more.

Our Story

With a national sales and distribution infrastructure, Lithotech is the recognised leader in the supply of business related consumables in South Africa, offering a complete range of products and related services for every business need.

Lithotech is owned by Bidvest South Africa, an international services, trading and distribution company. One of the largest industrial companies in South Africa, Bidvest is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

As sales offices and warehouses are located nationally in all major South African centres, stock can be held either centrally or at multiple sites, so ensuring timeous delivery. Stock items are stored in secure warehouses facilities ensuring the safety of all products.

Lithotech’s warehouses are supported by advanced warehouse management software that is integrated into our ERP system, so providing continuity of service in all regions. The ERP system has an on-line procurement option that is especially effective for customers that have a large range of stock items that are stocked at multiple sites.

Our three manufacturing plants are equipped with a comprehensive inventory of printing and print finishing equipment, and our accreditation by the Cheque & MICR Standards Authority confirms our ability to fulfil all security print requirements.

Lithotech ensures that products are produced to the highest quality, and that customers benefit from the latest technology, raw materials and work processes.

Our Empowerment

Broad-based black economic empowerment came into practice in 2003 and has since evolved rapidly.

The fundamental purpose of B-BBEE is to promote viable economic empowerment of all black people – including in particular, women, youth, persons with disabilities and people living in rural areas – through diverse, integrated socio-economic strategies.

Lithotech is a division of Bidvest Paperplus, a 100% owned subsidiary of the Bidvest Group. The group is 36.87% (+6.45%) black owned and 20.18% (+2.92%) black women owned, which results in full ownership points being achieved for the group and for each of the Bidvest Paperplus divisions.

Lithotech’s B-BBEE policies and strategies have been developed to ensure that measurable progress continues to be made towards genuine and meaningful black economic empowerment.

Our current B-BBEE status (valid until 27 September 2024) is a Level 1 Contributor. And customers can claim 135% of their procurement spend for their own scorecard!


The adoption of responsible environmental business principles and a proactive approach to environmental management are part of sustainable business practices.

All corporations, irrespective of their sector, have an impact on the environment and thus need to play a proactive role in using their spheres of influence to develop economically, environmentally and socially sustainable operations.

Lithotech recognises its responsibilities in this regard and commits to:

  • Meet or exceed regulatory environmental targets relevant to its operations
  • Enhance operational processes to be more environmentally sensitive
  • Develop and implement technologies that minimise the environmental impact of its products
  • Optimise consumption of raw materials and energy and minimise waste through the adoption of a ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ philosophy
  • Embed environmental consciousness throughout the organisation through involving employees in developing creative solutions with positive environmental impacts
  • Work in partnership with suppliers, customers and other relevant business partners to identify and implement joint strategies for environmental improvement
  • Include environmental considerations in business decisions
  • Work with appropriate government departments, civil society groups and other stakeholders to identify and resolve relevant environmental issues
  • Encourage operational divisions to set measurable targets and timelines relevant to their sectors
  • Stay abreast of environmental best practices relating to our industry sector and developing innovative solutions to environmental issues

The Circular Economy

Under Section 18 of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act, companies are required to take practical and financial responsibility for the end-of-life of any product they put on to the South African market. The main purpose of this legislation is to encourage and enable the implementation of circular economy initiatives.

Lithotech is a member of Fibre Circle, the Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) for the paper and packaging sector. It’s a non-profit organisation that facilitates EPR programmes for paper producers and importers.

Lithotech is FSC Certified!

Lithotech has attained the FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) certification which ensures complete traceability of products manufactured through the supply chain to the originating forest.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a well-known international benchmark for responsible forestry management, and its certification system is considered to be the most stringent and credible system worldwide.

Lithotech is proud to show commitment to responsible forestry management and environmental sustainability by attaining its FSC certification – and in doing so, is doing its part to ensure a sustainable future for generations to follow.