Business Forms & Documents

Form Follows Function

Forms are an essential element in the management of every organisation and exist as part of an integrated business information system – resulting in the facilitation of efficient, timely and accurate management reporting.

An efficient business information system combines a series of basic functions – including the timely gathering of information, recording of activities and reporting of results – that are responsible for controlling an organisation’s operations or evaluating its performance. All business functions utilise a basic form that provides the source record for that function and contains critical information required for the effective functioning of other forms. This form may even be the source record for an entire cycle, containing data that is needed by other functions within the cycle. Every business, be it manufacturing, retail, wholesale or service, have two things in common:

  • They must effectively manage the information generated by their day-to-day commercial activities.
  • They must establish standard ways of performing certain common activities to accomplish that goal.

The 9 Key Operations of Business

The common activities within every organisation are known as the ‘9 Key Operations’. These key operations are interdependent – each requiring the data and procedures provided by the others – with business forms providing an effective means of managing and communicating this information.

The professional and effective design of a form requires the thorough analysis of the system within which the form will be used – a detailed understanding of the various integrated elements and complexities of the business systems and operations is required in order to provide effective business forms.

Lithotech will design a cost-effective solution that streamlines your document flow, incorporating appropriate aesthetic and security features, while ensuring that your company image is maintained.

Less is More

Lithotech’s SmartPaper® solution offers a systematic review of an organisation’s forms and associated processes for the purpose of streamlining workflows, optimising efficiency and reducing costs. Through this process, forms are made to be more effective through improved design – resulting in a reduction of paper and an increased efficiency in the circulation of information.

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