Core Service Components

Supply Management agreements are customisable to each customer’s unique requirements.

Our service includes:

CSC-Sourcing & Procurement

Sourcing & Procurement

Required items are procured according to best practice principles.

A pool of approved suppliers is established by our team of procurement specialists and regular reviews ensure that standards are met.

  • Ensures competitive prices, maximisation of economies of scale, procurement specialists
  • Achieves consistent high quality
  • Improves corporate identity control
  • Total transparency through supplier comparatives
CSC-Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing & Distribution

Items are received and stored at our secure warehouses which operate under a sophisticated warehouse management system.

  • Provides for the storage of bulk and individual items
  • Facilitates the immediate despatch of picked items
  • Reduces ordering errors through a barcode system that ensures compliance with ‘unit of measure’
CSC-Online Catalogue & Oredring

Online Catalogue & Ordering

Lithotech offers a customised online ordering platform that is accessible by branches and outlets nationwide.

  • Simplifies the placing of orders of non-trading items
  • Limits items available for selection to only those approved, avoiding costly substitutes
  • Provides a secure login for each branch
  • Ensures effective workflow-based order authorisation
CSC-Analysis & Reporting

Analysis & Reporting

Lithotech’s custom developed software analyses and interprets ERP data.

  • Identifies slow moving items, excessive usage and wastage
  • Monitors usage trends and anomalies by item, branch and region
  • Tracks stock levels and average usage
  • Improves procurement planning
  • Reduces working capital
  • Cost management reporting
  • Historical procurement comparative reports
  • Saving and overspend reports
  • Improves bottom line and budgeting
CSC-Print Management

Print Management

Business print products are designed and manufactured to be incorporated in a business’ process flow. Print management offers a roadmap for total cost reduction and guaranteed cost savings through effective design and construction and the implementation of a managed procurement plan.

  • Avoiding stock obsolescence through effective version control
  • Standardisation of design for most economic manufacturing
  • Control over corporate ID standards
  • Eliminating wasteful print spend resulting from economy of scale procurement focus

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