Calendars & Deskpads

We measure time in minutes, days, months and years – our work and home lives revolve around calendars, and many people consult a calendar every day. Calendars offer the opportunity to promote your company’s products to multiple people and their visitors every day of the year, for the entire year.

Lithotech offers a range of calendar and deskpad products that can be custom-printed to suit your unique requirements.

Options include:

  • Wall calendars
  • CD calendars
  • Tent calendars
  • Deskpads

Over-printed Deskpads

Now you can create your very own customised deskpads with your company’s branding, images and details over-printed on a standard design. It’s a simple, creative and cost-effective way to make your month-by-month mark all year round.

Over-printed deskpad specifications:

  • A page a month
  • A2 in size
  • Printed on 80gsm bond
  • Printed with a 1-colour grid & over-printed in up to 4 colours
  • Padded at the head with clear PVC corners at the foot with a backing board