Zebra Barcode Scanners

Zebra’s barcode scanners are up for any scanning challenge in a variety of environments. They work nonstop under tough conditions with round-the-clock ergonomics and purpose-built form factors so that you know that you have the best scanner for the job.

Our range includes:

General Purpose Handheld Scanners

Zebra’s general purpose handheld scanners offer unbeatable performance, no matter the scan. You can streamline any task, from inventory management to check-in, with these scanners. Enjoy long-lasting battery life that lasts all shift long. Gain a deeper understanding of customer data with actionable insights. Confidently scan anything – even damaged or low-quality barcodes – in every environment.

General Purpose Hands-free Scanners

Zebra’s hands-free scanners offer confident capturing. The range combines hands-free convenience and rapid-fire swipe for increased productivity and efficiency. Accelerate scanner-based workflows with high-performance scanners that provide real-time insight into process performance. The small-footprint scanners are designed to fit in any environment – no matter how space-constrained your workspace may be.

Ultra-rugged Scanners

You can pass any challenge with these unstoppable barcode scanners. Built for the unique challenges of manufacturing and warehouse tasks, they’re designed to withstand harsh conditions, read at astonishing speeds and provide workers with non-stop, full-shift power. Long-distance, damaged and shrink-wrapped barcodes are no problem – these scanners quickly and easily read them, enabling you to keep operations going.

Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners

Zebra’s range of fixed mount barcode scanners offer hands-free, high-volume, high-speed scanning. From increasing efficiency to boosting versatility, these scanners provide high-performance, hands-free scanning with zero-footprint applications. Users can quickly deploy scanners without disrupting workflows. Choose from any number of scanners, each of which can be integrated into a wide variety of products or used alone.