Pressure Seal is a complete system with forms and equipment that are designed to work together to offer a flexible, reliable and economical package.

The special glue used in Lithotech’s pressure seal forms is endorsed by every major computer printer company worldwide. No consumables are needed. Pressure – exerted by rollers in the pressure seal machine – results in corresponding glue patterns on the form to stick together to form a secure, sealed envelope. The document is imaged, folded, sealed, and then becomes its own carrier – with guaranteed integrity and security, and without the added cost of consumables.

Pressure Seal is ideal for a number of applications, including:

  • Pay advices
  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Tax certificates
  • Notifications


Forms can be supplied in continuous or cut-sheet format. Lithotech only uses papers whose characteristics guarantee that the forms will remain stable throughout the finishing process, while still holding their sealing ability.

A number of fold types are available:


Equipment Range

Lithotech offers a full range of mechanised pressure sealers – from low-volume desk-top models to high-volume departmental models.

Our high-volume sealers offer the highest hourly-rated volumes on the market, with an ease of use for all operators; medium-volume sealers are exceptionally reliable and user-friendly workhorses for any remote installation; and our low-volume sealers are ideal for a small office environment where a small foot print and quiet running speeds are essential.

Our range includes:

Pressure Seal Machines