Receiving a certificate is regarded as an honour and recognition of achievement. Unfortunately, we are frequently faced with fraud, corruption and other crimes of deception in many spheres of our society. Education has not escaped this trend, and we are increasingly made aware of incidents where citizens at all levels have presented employers and institutions with falsified and fraudulent certificates, diplomas and degrees in their quest to secure employment or positions of status.

Lithotech has in-house expertise to design attractive, yet functional, certificates that incorporate a comprehensive range of security features that prevent the reproduction of fake and falsified documents in pursuit of unlawful activities.

Incorporated security features will not allow the photocopying or reproduction of certificates, and will immediately show when a certificate has been tampered with – thus ensuring the integrity of the certificate.

Options include:

  • Any size
  • Printing in up to 8 colours
  • A variety of paper stocks
  • Large range of security features