Discovery Copier Paper

Discovery Paper: Sustainability & Performance

Discovery is a genuinely eco-efficient copier paper range – it's made using less wood, meaning you get great performance using fewer natural resources. It offers a quality feel and great print results, less show-through and no mottling. And its stiffness, high bulk and dimensional stability means a thick paper with less curl and fewer paper jams.

Discovery copier paper delivers outstanding performance and environmental responsibility, making it the best choice for the planet and the consumer.

Lithotech is the sole distributor of Discovery copier paper in South Africa.

Why choose Discovery copier paper?


Discovery takes care of forests

Taking Care of Forests

Tree replanting, biodiversity protection, responsible management, carbon fixing, oxygen production.

Discovery takes great pride in the forests and their sustainable management and is committed to biodiversity and protection of natural habitats, further promoting certified and sustainable forest management practices and leading the fight against climate change.

Going Easy on the Planet

Less wood, less waste, less water and less CO2.

Discovery uses Eucalyptus globulus – its naturally thick, short and dense fibres use up to 40% less wood volume to produce the same amount of paper and results in a bulkier paper. Doing more with less is better for the environment and a smart decision for any company.

Discovery takes care of the planet
Discovery is the 1st step of recycling

The 1st Step of Recycling

100% recyclable, more recycling cycles. Virgin paper feeds recycling.

Paper is one of the most recycled materials in the world. Virgin fibres can be recycled in cascade and used in 4 to 5 different products. Discovery virgin fibres are 100% recyclable and the Eucalyptus globulus fibres improve paper recyclability by 60% to 150%.


Discovery copier paper offers non-stop performance


High Runnability

The main attributes influencing good runnability are thickness and stiffness. Discovery combines both, making it highly productive in printing or copying machines: it is less likely to curl and to jam, avoiding printer stoppages.

Double-Sided Printing

Discovery's thickness and special filler make it more opaque, a critical property for double-sided printing. Duplex printing reduces the number of sheets used, which is both economical and environmentally friendly.

High Quality

The printing contrast and vivacity of colours are highly dependent on whiteness and brightness. Discovery paper offers a high degree of whiteness, which guarantees first-class aesthetics, sharp colours and intense blacks.

Consistent Quality

Discovery offers high performance in any equipment and is constantly tested to ensure maximum quality and runnability in every major printer brand.