Indoor Branding Solutions

Lithotech’s indoor branding solutions will help you display your brand anywhere. There’s a solution for every requirement, from retail displays and tradeshows to exhibitions and conferences, or simply to liven up your office reception area.

Choose from these great options:



Sporting a unique and funky design, our attention-grabbing X-banners are the most cost-effective mobile display solution for any brand – and their compact and lightweight design makes them extremely easy to assemble and dismantle.

​Pull-up Banners

​Advertising your brand, products or services has never been easier!

This range is compact, lightweight and durable, allowing setup within minutes. When all is said and done, the banner simply retracts into the protective base and fits into a convenient carry bag.


​Banner Walls

​Bannerwalls provide a substantial amount of real estate to display your brand – this display solution was designed to create an impression and draw attention!

They’re ideal for studios, photoshoots, backgrounds, entrances, brand launches, exhibitions, tradeshows and events.

​Floor Vinyls

​Our floor vinyls are manufactured from high quality, anti-slip floor lamination to ensure safety for foot traffic.

Vinyls are easy to apply, tough and durable, ensure longevity of use and are ideal for directional signage in large venues, retail centres, office blocks, schools and hospitals.


Branded ​Tablecloths

​Make the most of your space, maximise your brand exposure and enhance your overall appearance with our range of slip over, spandex, fabric and PVC tablecloths.

Branded tablecloths are ideal for exhibitions, tradeshows and conferences.


​Our desk flags and hand flags offer a unique platform to show support, back a team or unite for a cause.

Flag fountains allow you to promote multiple messages simultaneously and are ideal for car dealerships, forecourts, brand activations and events.