Printronix Auto ID Enterprise Printers

Considered to be rugged workhorses, this full range of mid-range to enterprise-level industrial mission-critical barcode label printers was designed for the most demanding environments and rigorous enterprise requirements.

Available in a wide selection of sizes, Printronix Auto ID enterprise printers deliver high performance, flexibility and reliability through a range of printer language emulations and secure and reliable wireless connectivity options.

Features include:

Built-in Security

Security features on the printer help prevent unauthorised personnel from making changes or actions that may result in compromised output or devices which could impact critical operations.

Multi-connectivity Options

Wired and wireless connectivity options with advanced enterprise-level security features ensure easy integration into existing networks and provides an upgrade path for future changes to protect your investment as requirements or environment change.

Interchangeable Print Resolutions

Seamlessly swap between 203, 300, and 600 dpi thermal printheads to meet a wide range of current and future application requirements without the use of tools or changes to the hardware or firmware.

UHF RFID Encoding

The wide range of UHF RFID-enabled printers feature industry-leading performance and capabilities and offer support for standard smart labels, on-metal and other tag types, automatic RFID label calibration, and advanced cryptography commands.

RFID & Barcode Inspection in a Single Device

With no other printer like it on the market, users gain the functionality of both RFID and integrated ODV-2D barcode label inspection in a single printer. These features can be installed at the factory, or on an existing device, helping ensure new demands can be met and protecting your initial investment.

Strong Technology Partner Community

From compatible applications and drivers to label software and warehouse management systems, partners leverage the open architecture and advanced functions to build value-added solutions.

Advanced Customisations

A software development kit (SDK) and fully programmatic General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) interface option enables integration ease with customer, partner and other third-party applications.

Worldwide Support

TSC Printronix Auto ID has offices and distribution centres around the world, as well as a global network of service providers available and ready to support multi-national enterprises.