Printronix Industrial Serial Dot Matrix Printers

In a world of expensive-to-maintain desktop printers, Printronix serial printers offer a highly reliable, sustainable and cost-effective solution for generating a wide range of transactional supply chain documents.


These fast, quiet and unbreakable serial dot matrix printers are built to excel in the most rigorous office and industrial environments.

Printronix S800 Series serial matrix printers deliver fast and efficient print speeds and are designed to deliver non-stop printing performance without overheating. They offer best-in-class ribbon life and fully automatic and customisable forms handling for minimising user intervention. Quite than leading competitors, these printers offer maximised usability through a high-function multi-lingual operator interface and a powerful remote printer management utility.

Get flexible connectivity with standard support for ethernet 10/100BaseT, USB 2.0, serial and parallel, best-in-class printhead life and optimal forms feeding reliability.

S828 Serial Dot Matrix Printer

The ultra rugged, IBM compatible, desktop print solution is built to excel in the most rigorous industrial environments. With its 18-pin printhead and 800 cps performance, the S828 is the only printer in its class with a heavy-duty acoustically sealed unbreakable metal enclosure. It offers best-in-class acoustics and printhead life and ribbon life for less user intervention and lower operating cost. Options include a genuine IBM IPDS and enclosed pedestal printer stand.

S809 Serial Dot Matrix Printer

This 24-pin printer offers reliable, industry-leading price and performance with best-in-class acoustics and ease-of-use. Get best-in-class ribbon life for less user intervention and lower operating cost and an optional open pedestal printer stand.