Printronix LED Colour Printers

Your business deserves an industrial-grade printer that helps it grow – and Printronix industrial laser printers deliver. Built to meet the high demands of industrial market applications, these rugged and durable devices provide the speed, flexibility and reliability needed in mission-critical situations.

In addition to regular paper, these printers will work on a variety of specialty media like magnetic media, synthetic paper and indoor or outdoor quality label stock with weights of up to 256gsm and up to 12” x 52” (1.32 metres) in length.

Printronix LP654C

The Printronix LP654C is the world’s smallest industrial-grade letter/A4 full-colour printer. The device is ready to perform at high-speed, with high-quality colour. It prints 35 pages per minute and can manage media with weights of up to 256gsm and up to 52” (1.32 metres) in length. The LP654C’s innovative space-saving technology includes full front access, allowing the printer to fit and operate in a very tight space, only requiring 1” space around the sides. Developed with a focus on high reliability and built with the extensive use of high-quality components in place of plastic, this printer is the most robust printers in its class.

Printronix LP844C

The Printronix LP844C tabloid/A3 colour laser printer has the smallest footprint and print speeds of up to 36 pages per minute. This high-speed full-colour highly dependable workhorse can print media with weights of up to 256gsm and up to 12” x 52” (1.32 metres) in length. Separate toners and long-life drums enable a high duty cycle and maximum use of consumables to ensure that the printer keeps printing, making it ideal for industrial customers requiring high-volume printing and high-quality colour coverage.