Urovo Mobile Devices

Urovo is a leading industry mobile application solution provider and a pioneer of mobile computers and payment terminals. The company focuses on the development of smart data terminals, smart payment terminals and speciality mobile printers.

Urovo provides digital solutions based on smart terminals for customers in logistics, retail, finance, medical care, manufacturing, government, transportation and other industries.

DT50 Handheld Computer

With its high occupation screen ratio, the DT50 is a high-end assistant for logistics and warehouse management environments.

The high-definition display and ultra-sensitive touch panel provides users with an exceptional experience, even when working under sunlight, with gloves or with wet fingers.

Ideal for working with demanding application and long hours, the DT50 features quick charge capabilities, superior performance, and a rugged and durable design.

It’s tough and water-resistant, with drop testing of up to 1.5 metres and an IP67 rating.

DT50 UHF RFID Smart Handheld Terminal

An outstanding handheld RFID reader, the DT50U’s internal high-sensitivity RFID antenna can cover a more comprehensive scanning range, enabling a quick reading of a large number of RFID labels within 20 metres.
With self-adaptive interference cancellation (SIC) technology, the reader can efficiently deal with complex environments with metal interference. It can effectively reduce the shielding or superimposition of blind spots and read high-density labels smoothly.

RT40 Industrial Mobile Computer

The Urovo RT40 portable rugged industrial long-range barcode scanner was designed for low-temperature environments.

It’s equipped with a professional anti-condensation screen and even at temperatures as low as minus 30°C, the screen and scanning window automatically heat to room temperature. It is particularly well-suited for logistics picking and price management.

The RT40 supports international universal 1D/2D barcodes and is equipped with a unique super long-range scan engine, so it can easily recognise high-shelf goods at a range of up to 15 metres.

The RT40 is dustproof and waterproof with a professional IP68 rating and a 1.8 metre drop resistance.

DT40 Handheld Mobile Computer

The DT40 overcomes all difficulties with resilience. The 4-inch screen provides extra space for information, while full keypad shortcut support allows for better and more convenient operation.

The mobile barcode scanner supports high-speed WiFi protocol, fast roaming, real-time voice multi-band WiFi for seamless and smooth performance and instant application response time. The optimised loudspeaker responds accurately to every scan and operation, even in noisy environments.

The DT40 can read 1D/2D codes with millisecond response, even when barcodes are worn, wrinkled, warped, curled, ripped, stained or damaged.

DT30 Mobile Computer

The DT30 is a powerful device for indoor scenarios. A slim body design with ring-wave rear shell fits in the palm of a hand to allow more comfortable work.

A grooved button provides superior touch sensitivity and unhindered touch typing, while a backlight provides perfect visibility in low-light conditions.

The DT30’s high-power speaker is perfect for indoor scenarios. The scanning engine offers fast, accurate and powerful 1D/2D barcode scanning performance and the code scanning indicator provides users with clear and accurate code scanning feedback.

Dual-band WiFi ensures stability and fast network roaming, ensuring smooth information transmission and better work efficiency.

i6310 Mobile Computer

The i6310’s light and extremely slim ergonomic design offers “smart” operation with one hand.

The 5-inch ultra-sensitive HD capacitive touch screen can be viewed at any angle and supports multi-point touch and touch with wet or dry hands or gloves in harsh environments.

The i6310 is able to identify broken and stained barcodes to improve work efficiency. The professional industrial scan engine provides accurate, fast and secure data collection and the camera scanning and green dot positioning function realises rapid alignment.

The high-performance fingerprint recognition chip quickly and accurately identify fingerprints for fast device unlocking.