BPA In Thermal Rolls

BPA In Thermal Rolls

Don’t let your ATM & POS rolls leave a toxic impression!

BPA (Bisphenol A) is a synthetic chemical that is used for many industrial purposes.

Since its discovery by a Russian chemist in 1891, BPA has gained popularity due to its ability to serve as a vital compound for most materials and is used in products such as plastic bottles, sports equipment, water pipe linings, beverage cans and thermal paper.

In recent years the use of BPA has started to raise health concerns and many manufacturers have found ways to reduce or eliminate it

The thermal paper used for ATM and POS rolls is a common source of BPA, but BPA-free thermal paper for the production of rolls has been developed.

Lithotech offers both BPA and BPA-free thermal rolls – so the choice is yours.

BPA-free rolls cost a bit more than their BPA equivalents as the compound that is used to create BPA-free thermal paper is more expensive than BPA, but they also offer some great benefits.

The benefits of BPA-free thermal rolls:

They limit possible health risks

Using a BPA-free thermal paper reduces any health risk to your to your employees and customers and lets them know that you care for their safety.

They’re kinder to the environment

Once put into waste, BPA products bring negative tolls to the environment and animals can suffer the same possible adverse health effects.

They offer good image quality

BPA-free thermal papers are very competitive with their BPA equivalents in terms of overall print quality and making stable and clear thermal prints.