How Do Envelope Sizes Work?

Paper envelopes have been used for thousands of years as a means to store, protect and transport a myriad of items.

Envelopes come in different shapes, sizes and styles to accommodate different sizes and weights of their designated contents. Most envelopes are used for mailing, so there are some important things that you need to pay attention to if you want your mail to arrive at its destination without costing more than it should.

International standard ISO 269 defined several standard envelope sizes, which are designed for use with ISO 216 standard paper sizes. The most commonly used envelope sizes are from the C series, with the B series accommodating more bulk than the C series.

How the envelope & paper size relationship works:

Envelope Size Diagram

The DL (short for ‘Dimension Lengthwise’) envelope is the one that’s mostly used in business. It has a different aspect ratio to the C series, which is why it isn’t in that series.

Our handy envelope guide will help you to work out which envelope size and style you’ll need to get the job done correctly.

How the standard envelope sizes work:

Envelope SizesEnvelope Sizes

Envelope styles:

Envelope Styles

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