Label Adhesives

Label Adhesives

The adhesive is one of the most technically important components of the label. Whether your labels are required to stick for long periods of time, are exposed to demanding conditions or need to be easily removed, there’s a solution.

Here’s the long and the short of it all:

Acrylic Adhesive

Acrylic adhesive is an emulsion-based standard label adhesive that is suitable for “normal” conditions.

Minimum Application Temperature: +5˚C | Service Temperature: -20-80˚C

  • Initial tack is not as good as hotmelt, but very good adhesion after 24 hours
  • Used for products that are hot filled (soups, sauces, marinades etc)
  • The adhesive is clear & offers good adhesion to PET and glass bottles
  • Good for printing as it is easy to strip
  • Use on intricate die-cut shapes for easy stripping
  • Use on reverse printing as it is easier to de-laminate and re-laminate the paper
  • S692 & DDDD is suitable for wine bottle applications

Standard Hotmelt

Hotmelt is a rubber-based adhesive suitable for environments where the surface that the label is applied to is subjected to normal conditions (not exposed to severe or extreme temperature conditions and is free of coatings, dust or fibres).

Application Temperature: 0-50˚C | Service Temperature: -20-70˚C

  • Initial tack is high
  • Use for difficult applications
  • Use when the label is going to be applied to rough surfaces
  • Use when label is applied around edges of tubs & containers
  • Used for a variety of surfaces
  • Better for application in a slightly damp environment
  • Must not be used for products which are hot filled as the label will fall off

Hi-tack Hotmelt

Hi-tack hotmelt is an aggressive adhesive that is suitable for environments where a very strong bond is required for surfaces typically exposed to refrigeration.

Minimum Application Temperature: 0˚C | Service Temperature: -40-70˚C

  • 25g adhesive ideal for rough surface
  • Extra adhesive properties
  • Predominantly used on HDPE milk bottles
  • A lot more expensive compared to standard hotmelt

Deep Freeze

A commercial deep freeze adhesive that’s specifically designed to be used for application at very cold temperatures.

Minimum Application Temperature: -20˚C | Service Temperature: -50-70˚C

  • High initial tack
  • Necessary when the label is going to be applied to a product that is already frozen


Removable adhesive is ideal for situations where labels are required to be removable without leaving residue or damaging the product.

Minimum Application Temperature: -15˚C | Service Temperature: -30-80˚C

  • General purpose removable adhesive
  • Used on products where labels need to be able to be easily removed
  • Very good initial tack