There is a wide range of fasteners available for tagging different garments and many other applications. Basic options relate to fabric delicacy, the distance the tag needs to hang from where the fastener will be attached and how strong the fastener needs to be.

Lithotech offers a range of polypropylene and nylon fasteners in numerous styles, colours and sizes:

  • Paddle fasteners are ideal for attaching tickets
  • T-end fasteners are perfect for pairing
  • Hook-tach fasteners for hanging goods such as socks and gloves
  • Loop fasteners for securing and packaging
  • Secur-a-tach fasteners are fast, economical and secure, making them the perfect solution for tagging hard goods – using Secur-a-tach loop fasteners is easy: the tail is inserted into the fastener head and the fastener loop is closed
  • Secur-a-tie fasteners are loop fasteners with a cinching fastener that can adjust to a snug, custom fit