Tagging Guns

Lithotech supplies a comprehensive range of hand-held and pneumatic tagging guns to suit every requirement.

Standard Range

The standard range is suited to everyday applications.

Ideal for attaching tags to a variety of materials, knit fabrics and everyday substrates.

Applications include general-purpose tagging, tagging of multiple layers such as towels and bulky merchandise, as well as packaging, fastening and display application of hosiery and headwear.

Fine Fabric Range

The fine fabric range is suited to the tagging of fine and delicate fabrics as it reduces the risk of holes and snags when attaching tags to delicate materials.

Ideal for attaching tags to silk, linen and other delicate materials and tight-knit fabrics, as well as for inserting tags into woven labels or seams with a reduced risk of snagging and holes.

Applications include laundry and dry cleaning, tagging of hanging goods, pleating and bundling of pairs.

Heavy-duty Range

The heavy-duty range is specifically designed for tough and demanding packaging and pairing applications.

Made for high-volume processing and securing tags, the heavy-duty range is ideal for horticulture applications and the home furnishing industry, such as securing foam layers and fastening pocket springs, securing mattress flanges, penetrating carpets and leather, as well as for bulky material.